High-Q Spin-Column Plasmid DNA Purification Kit

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High-Q™ Spin-Column Plasmid DNA Purification Kit


High-Q™-Spin-Column Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is an optimized kit to purified plasmid DNA from bacterial culture using an optimized alkaline lysis buffering system and a purification approach based on silica columns in presence of chaotropic salts. Contaminants are efficiently removed during washing step, obtaining a high quality purified plasmid DNA useful for all downstream procedures.


  • High yield and purity, 2-38 µg, A260/A280 ~1.8.
  • Scalable, easily to process many samples simultaneously.
  • Safe, no phenol extraction.
  • Fast, easy and cost-effective protocol.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cat. No.SizePrice
TBK01853 reactions 10€ (Test sample)*
TBK018650 reactions 85€
TBK0187200 reactions 231€

*Test sample available! The test sample price will be refunded on the first official order of the product.

Prices excl. VAT plus shipping costs.

How to order?

Spin Column with Collection Tubes 50200
BP1 Buffer15 mL45 mL
BP2 Buffer15 mL45 mL
BP3 Buffer15 mL45 mL
WB1 Buffer 30 mL110 mL
WB2 Buffer 8 mL35 mL
Elution Buffer15 mL15 mL
RNase A 2 mg5 mg
RNase Resuspension Buffer1 mL1 mL
Blue Mixing Indicator40 µL100 µL

DNA obtained is suitable for downstream molecular biology applications such as PCR, enzymatic digestion for cloning or Southern, etc.

  • Shipped in: Ambient Temperature.
  • Storage: All components can be stored at Room Temperature (18 to 25 °C), except RNase A reconstituted at –20 °C. 

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