Betaine Enhancer Solution 5M

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Betaine Enhancer Solution (5 M)


Betaine Enhancer Solution (5 M) is an effective solution to use as PCR enhancer. It reduces the DNA melting temperature allowing the amplification on high GC sequences and templates with secondary structures difficult to amplify. The addition of betaine at a final concentration of 0.8-1.6M improves the amplification of DNA.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cat. No.ConcentrationSizePrice
TBK01055 M1.5 mL12€
TBK01065 M5 x 1.5 mL31€

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  • Sterile.
  • Colorless solution.
  • Better performance than standard PCR enhancers (DMSO, formamide, BSA, non-ionic detergents).
  • Equalize the contribution of GC- and AT-base pairing to the stability of the DNA duplex, reducing Tm.
  • Appearance: Colorless solution.
  • DNase/ RNase activity not detected.
  • Functionally tested.
  • PCR and RT-PCR optimization.
  • Increasement of PCR yield and specificity.
  • High GC template PCR amplification.
  • Shipped in: Shipped in blue ice. 
  • Storage: Store at -20 °C.

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