High-Q™ dNTP Set

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High-Q™ dNTP SET (100 mM)


High-Q™ dNTP SET is a kit that combines highest purity dATP, dCTP, dGTP and dTTP in individual tubes. Each dNTP is supplied as aqueous solution at pH 8.5.


  • Highest purity (>99%).
  • Highest flexibility.
  • Proven with Taq polymerases and more demanding enzymes such as proofreading enzymes and long amplifications.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cat. No.ConcentrationVolumePrice
TBR0212100 mM0.2 mL each one125€
TBR0213100 mM0.4 mL each one245€

Prices excl. VAT plus shipping costs.

How to order?

 MW (g/mol)λmax (nm)ε (mmol-1cm-1)
  • Purity of individual dNTP is tested by HPLC.
  • Free of DNase, RNase and protease activity.
  • PCR/ RT-PCR with Taq polymerase.
  • PCR/ RT-PCR with proofreading enzymes.
  • Long fragment amplification.
  • Real Time PCR and RT-qPCR.
  • Shipped in: Shipped in blue ice. 
  • Storage: Store at -20 °C.

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