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Tiaris Biosciences
Lab Automation
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Tiaris Biosciences
Lab Automation
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Tiaris Biosciences
Lab Automation
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Robotic laboratory workstation

Automated nucleic acid extraction systems have several advantages over manual sample processing in the laboratory and provide robust solution for more consistent and reliable nucleic acid extracts.
Our DNA/RNA extraction workstations offers great flexibility for high-throughput purification of nucleic acid from a wide variety of sources. Using our magnetic separation-based technology, the robotic workstation for automated nucleic acid Purification provides a fast and easy way to get high yields of purified samples with excellent reproducibility and quality.
Optimized automated methods are preloaded, the prefilled plates are ready-to-use reagents. Plates are snapped into place, your sample is added and you select “Start” to begin the appropriate protocol. The TIARIS workstation is easy to set up and require no special training for use.
Our team of automation experts offer assistance to help develop and implement an automated nucleic acid purification solution customized to the needs of your laboratory.
If you want more information on the TIARIS Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction and Purification Workstations please fill out our contact form or if you prefer write us an email at

Custom & OEM solutions

We have extensive experience developing complete solutions to automated workflows. With our automated solutions for nucleic acid extraction automation, we can provide scientific and technical expertise. You will have an ally who understands and can deliver application and solution support for every step of your workflow.
We offer a wide OEM portfolio of purification reagents that isolate nucleic acids from almost any sample type. Our reagents cover a range of formats and formulations and can be adapted to your needs.
Whatever your automation requirements we would be happy to discuss your requirements, please click here to contact us.

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