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Lysozyme Detection Kit


(Turbidimetric method)


The Lysozyme Detection Kit provides ready-to-use reagents for detecting the presence of lysozyme activity. This simple assay detects lysozyme activity using Micrococcus luteus cells as the substrate.


  • Simple: It allows for the quick assessment of lysozyme activity without the need for complex or time-consuming preparation steps.
  • Spectrophotometric Analysis: The change in turbidity is monitored spectrophotometrically, usually at an absorbance of 450 nm. This provides an objective and quantifiable measure of lysozyme activity.
  • Sensitivity: Turbidimetric assays are sensitive and can detect variations in lysozyme activity effectively.
  • Low Equipment Requirements: This method requires basic laboratory equipment like a spectrophotometer and a cuvette, making it accessible to most laboratories.
  • Cost-Effectiveness.

* If TIARIS distributor is available in your country – please inquire directly.

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