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Q-PLUS™ OneStep Green RT-qPCR Master Mix (2x)

10,00 535,00 


Q-PLUS™- One-Step Green RT-qPCR Master Mix (2X) allows first-strand cDNA synthesis and subsequent qPCR in a single-tube reaction procedure, decreasing contamination risk and reducing hands-on time considerably. The kit includes our Q-PLUS™- Green qPCR Master mix developed for fast PCR, provided as a 2x reaction mixture, which contains all components necessary for real-time PCR, including a green intercalating dye, dNTPs, stabilizers and enhancers. In addition, a separate RT mix that comprises a balanced mixture of both Reverse transcriptase and Ribonuclease Inhibitor is also provided.

This kit also includes a separate vial of ROX that can be optionally added to the qPCR reaction Mix. The final concentration of ROX will vary depending on each real-time cycler manufacturer’s specification.

Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


* If TIARIS distributor is available in your country – please inquire directly.

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