Magnesium Chloride Solution

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Magnesium Chloride Solution


Magnesium Chloride Solution is an aqueous solution used as Mg2+ ion source in many molecular biology and biochemistry applications. Mg2+ is an essential cofactor in a large list of enzymatic reactions. In PCR reactions, Mg2+ facilitates the binding of primers reducing electrostatic repulsion between to molecules of DNA. For standard PCR, an optimal range is between 1.5 to 5 mM final concentration.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Cat. No.ConcentrationFormatPrice
TBR021525 mM10 x 1.5 mL25€
TBR021625 mM100 mL25€
TBR021750 mM10 x 1.5 mL26€
TBR02181 M100 mL35€

Prices excl. VAT plus shipping costs.

How to order?

  • Sterile.
  • Colorless solution.
  • Available in different formats.
  • Appearance: Colorless solution.
  • DNase/ RNase activity not detected.
  • Sterility.
  • PCR and RT-PCR optimization.
  • Optimization of PCR yield and specificity.
  • High GC template PCR amplification.
  • Buffer preparations.
  • Shipped in: Shipped at ambient temperature. 
  • Storage: Store at 2-8 °C.

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